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  • The two main developments for this handheld vacuum cleaner are the introduction of the entry level V6 Cordless and the flagship model, the V6 Absolute complete with soft roller head (known as the fluffy).Homeowners that want the ease of a versatile vacuum are finding this model is what they are looking for in order to keep their floors clean, especially when they have pets. If you need a robust machine, then checkout our current reviews of the best commercial vacuums .The ventilation and air filtration of this model is engineered to allow the riddance of allergens . The air is fresh after it’s used. The system is called HEPA. Also used on Shark Navigator & Rotator .The Dyson V6 has a digital motor. This motor has 2 Tier Radial(TM) cyclones, which allows the unit to pick up a lot of fine dust particles at one time. It spins at 110,000 rpm giving it tremendous power.
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  • Aspirateur DYSON Digital Slim Extra , fiche technique et prix du DYSON Digital Slim Extra , avis utilisateurs ou professionnels du DYSON Digital Slim Extra , Electromenager Compare. DYSON Digital Slim Extra , fiche technique, prix et avis consommateurs Comparer les aspirateurs DYSON Digital Slim Extra .L’aspirateur balai Dyson Digital Slim dispose d’une autonomie de 20 minutes, du fait qu’il a été conçu pour être sans fil, ce qui facilitera encore un peu plus sa manipulation du fait qu’aucun fil ne vous bloquera dans vos mouvements. Cette autonomie est assez faible, mais elle correspond à une durée à pleine puissance.9/8/2016  · De Dyson Digital Slim is een krachtige snoerloze stofzuiger. De krachtige V6 motor en gemotoriseerde borstel zorgen voor een optimaal resultaat voor zowel je tapijt als harde vloer. Zo hoef je ...Zoek je de kwaliteit van Dyson maar wil je niet teveel betalen, bekijk dan de Dyson V6 Cord-Free extra . Voordelen. Compacte en draadloze stofzuiger. Zeer flexibel, zuigt in elk gaatje en hoekje. Extra brede borstel voor de grote oppervlakten. 20 minuten stofzuigen op een volle accu. Aantrekkelijk geprijsd.
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  • There’s a revolution going on and it’s powered by batteries. Some of the best and most interesting vacuum cleaners in 2013 and 2014 have been cordless vacs. From the Gtech AirRam to the Bosch Athlet , lots of brands now have cordless vacuum cleaners that aim to give you greater freedom without compromise and the Dyson V6 is one.A follow-up to the Dyson DC34 , the Dyson V6 aims to provide the same cleaning performance of Dyson’s larger vacuum cleaners but in a small, portable and cordless body. It claims a 20-minute battery life and is light enough for most people to use single-handed. Moreover, unlike Dyson’s handheld models, its long arm attachment means hard to reach areas are easy to get to. It’s now cheaper than when we first reviewed it (down to £280 from £350 at launch), making it better value than before.The Dyson V6 makes a great first impression. This isn’t the sort of ugly vacuum you want out of sight in a cupboard, it’s a good-looking modern gadget. It’s also packed full of thoughtful design tweaks that show Dyson has thought hard about how people will use the DC59.That’s because the trigger system means you never leave it running unnecessarily, which makes the difference between the V6’s battery life and the 40-minute cleaning time of the Gtech Air Ram less pronounced. It also matches up reasonably well to the Bosch Athlet when used on its ‘normal’ setting, though the Bosch claims up to 60-minutes when used on its lowest power setting for hard floors.